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January 2012

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roy ed kiss

Jewel (part 3)

Title: Jewel
Author: nimrodel_13
Rating: NC-17 (Bathroom sex...against a wall...)
Pairing: RoyxEd
Word Count:
Summary: It's not the colorful, flashing lights or the pounding beat of the music or even the crush of bodies upon the dance floor. It's just them and the heat and they way their eyes meet for the first time...


part 2

It was like nothing he’d ever felt before, the furious explosion until he was sure his skin wouldn’t even be able to contain him. The dark flames had been tame up until now, as they squeezed out everything except the sharp, hot pulses infusing his veins with bright light. He was becoming the light, seeping into it, being remade into a vessel that could accommodate this black fire, this bright sliver light so that he could be worthy of this man who looked as if he had stepped from the dark ocean made from the night sky and silver moonlight.

Just like that, he had changed. It wasn’t the dancing that had set him free like he had thought. No, this, right here was true freedom as he was flooded with the surging fire that belonged to this stranger whose name he didn’t even know.


The blonde’s release was breathtaking, made of all the fire he was spun from and Roy buried his face in a tan shoulder, unable to look because he would have been charred. Then all the fire that had been stoked blazingly hot within him broke free, rampaging through him, surging in bright waves that blinded him, rendered him senseless, voice breaking free until it became a roar but he couldn’t even hear it past the dying throes of the great golden creature finally, finally sated as he flooded the blond, burying himself so deep, he was sure he would never find himself again.

It was then he knew that the word forever meant blazing gold eyes and long, honey blond hair and a blazing soul whose name he wished he knew.


Expansive black seas littered with tiny, glittering stars crashed into him, burning through him, so hot, so bright until he couldn’t even scream as he had run out of air.


Golden waves washed over him, crest after glorious pulse rushing through him and he rode them out, fire ebbing slowly from his veins.


Ed was floating, passing in and out of consciousness, trying to figure out in which direction the ceiling was pointing. Air seemed to be difficult for his lungs to find and it took a long moment for him to convince them that yes, air was a good thing. As awareness filtered back, his eyes still attempting to focus around the stray golden specks that still danced behind his retinas, he felt warm breath puffing erratically against his shoulder as the older man pressed him into the wall. They were both trembling with the force of the fire that had raged through them and then left them nothing but blackened, empty husks.

He dropped his eyes to contemplate the dark head his fingers were still clutching, hanging against the wall as he waited for the man to catch his breath and coherency. A warm buzz had settled into his blood stream, different from the black fire that had been trying to consume him and yet, a part of it, like it had left something behind that was quietly smoldering in a spot behind his breast bone.

Finally the dark haired man lifted his head, onyx eyes now cool, sated and Ed gently carded his fingers through the black, shaggy hair. The dark gaze ignited, gentled, then settled on an expression he couldn’t read. And suddenly he wanted to taste him, to see if he really tasted like a warm summer night. It seemed the man had the same idea because as soon as Ed thought it, his lips were being caught up, captured and he found the breath that slid into his mouth was actually flavored of whisky, salt and fire. The contact wasn’t gentle by any means, a tongue sweeping into his mouth and turning him into a useless puddle of goo, demanding and unforgiving. It was a good thing he was using the bigger man as support for he was sure to have fallen. Yet it was strange too, because all along he had assumed his first kiss would come before the sex and now that it had been completely turned around, he realized he liked it better this way.

The dark haired man pulled back after long, sweeping strokes of that fiery tongue against his own rendered him nearly incoherent and he forced his own eyes open to look down into the deep gaze which still had that calm, unreadable look in his bottomless eyes. There was a quirk of the neat, curved lips and a hand left his leg to brush damp hair from his forehead, leaving him feeling insecure against the wall, the gesture unbearably sweet.

“Can you stand?” the man’s deep voice was so silky, smooth and he could have just sunk into the sound as it reminded him of stars flooding a dark sky. Still feeling a little weak, he nodded, mouth pinched at the corners and unhooked his leg not being supported by a strong leg to drop to the floor, clunk of the thick boot nearly drowned out by the beat still pounding away, oblivious, through the walls. He winced as the softening cock pulled out of him and warmth dripped down the insides of his legs, making him shudder in disgust.

“Here,” Ed glanced up to find the dark haired man holding out a roll of toilet paper which he accepted with a blush. As he cleaned himself up, he watched the stranger tuck himself into his pants that still looked like sin on him and took note of the stain spreading over the dark shirt. The color on his face deepened.

“I told you I’d ruin your shirt,” he muttered as he jammed his foot into his pants and dragged them up, his lower back giving a twinge as he straightened. Dark eyes glanced down and then a smile of amusement flickered over the pale, handsome features.

“No, you didn’t, its fine,” but it wasn’t fine because Ed was terrified that once they left this bathroom and went their separate ways, he would never see this man again. Reality was starting to seep into the cracks, forcing its way through as he watched the broad back as the stranger turned to a sink and twisted the water on. The sound of running water trickling into the porcelain bowl with its faint rust stains filled the small bathroom and he couldn’t take his eyes from the composed face as the taller man scrubbed at the front of his shirt with a wet paper towel in the reflection of the grungy mirror. He fetched his boot, jerking it onto his foot and when he turned around, the stranger was finishing at the sink, almond eyes unreadable. Ed swallowed thickly, playing nervously with the ends of his hair.

“Are you leaving after this?” he finally asked, his husky tenor too bright in the stark bathroom. The dark gaze caught his own and he could see the swirling depths were clouded over with something unnamable.

“Yeah, probably. I have school tomorrow,” Ed’s eyebrows shot up, impressed despite himself. This man had a real life, another reality to go to once he stepped away from this dance club. The blond could feel the distance growing between them, the fact that they were indeed complete strangers grating on him.

“You go to school?” he asked stupidly, even though this man was clearly older than a college student. The small, unbearably sexy smile returned, gaze dropping as the dark eyes watched pale fingers shut the tap off.

“I teach. High school,” Ed ‘oh’-ed and then fell back to watching as the man took a few more swipes at the front of his shirt before turning to the shorter male and grinning in a way that left Ed breathless, “See? Good as new. You can’t even see it,” and the blond blushed again, this time accompanying it with a small smile of his own. The dark eyes studied his face, bright smile flattening slightly and he bit his lip, trying his best not to look desperate. Then the smile changed and the man broke the gaze, dropping his eyes to the cracked and dirty tile floors. “Can I at least ask your name?” his velvety voice was soft, like he too wished he had had something real to cry to the ceiling just five minutes ago. Ed just smiled and lifted one shoulder, eyes shuttered.

“I never got yours, either,” he answered just as quietly and he saw the dark eyes light up slightly, something burning within them that was alarmingly like hope.

“I’m Roy,” and that little missing piece fell into place. Ed pushed his tangled hair off his face, meeting the expectant gaze.

“Edward,” the man, Roy, nodded glancing towards the door.

“We should unlock that before someone calls management,” Ed grinned a little lopsidedly which faded when the older man walked over to the door and flicked the little silver knob. The sharp metallic sound that cut through even the thudding bass from the club outside sounded like an ending, like a warning that if he didn’t do something, quickly, this man in all of his stunning glory was going to step out the door and disappear like a puff of smoke.

“Do you come here often?” he blurted out and was nearly choking on disappointment when the dark head shook a negative.

“No, never. Do you?” he asked and Ed shrugged, trying not to show how let down he was, the black well within him beginning to shudder, threatening to go out.

“Yeah, every Sunday,” he said, voice sounding hollow. The deep, ebony gaze met his own and he found a promise there, like a reassurance that the man wouldn’t let this be the last time they met.

“Then I’ll see you next Sunday,” he said softly. Ed wanted to run up to the man, catch him up, refuse to let him go but that would be rather juvenile and he didn’t know how to just ask for the man to stay, to not leave, to not show him his broad back as he walked out that door that was looming like some ominous black hole reaching out to take from him this perfection that had swept into his life, knocking him flat. His vocal chords wouldn’t work as the man offered him a half hearted wave before turning to the door, reaching for the handle, letting in the blaring music into the tiny room, sound blasting through the small space. He almost didn’t say anything yet somewhere in the jumble that had become his chest he found his voice because he couldn’t wait an entire week. A full seven days would feel like half of forever in hell if he couldn’t see this man again, touch him, see that dark gaze watching him as it had just been, like the older man wanted nothing more than to find an excuse to stay.

“Wait!” he had to shout it over the music and Roy stepped back into the bathroom, eye brows raised, eyes waiting, hoping. Ed swallowed and took a deep breath, “Tomorrow I work at my cousin’s shop until four, on thirty-fourth and seventh in a shop called The Den…” and there he stopped because the man was smiling that blinding smile that warmed him to the core, making him feel like he was the only person in the entire world.

“Then maybe I’ll see you,” he said in that beautiful, silky voice and the doubts that had been gnawing at his insides smoothed out until all he could feel was that dark fire curling up in the middle of his heart, which beat in time to a thick, raging bass that called out that one name…Roy…Roy…


Roy went through his entire day like he was a ghost, feeling as though he had left a piece of himself behind in that grimy bathroom where the beat surged through even behind the closed door. As that day was a Monday and thus a school day, he had to force himself to focus on his job, pretending not to know his co-workers were wondering what had happened to him the night before so that he wouldn’t run mad waiting for four o’clock. He told himself he wasn’t sure he would see if he could find the blond boy, Edward, but then he had just been trying to fool himself. The whole day he could think of nothing else. Even during class while he was trying to teach, keep his kids under some semblance of control, he was distracted. There was nothing beyond the scorching color of brilliant gold, which had infused into his veins like some narcotic, like Edward had become his drug and he was already addicted.

It was a little corny, thinking about this boy like that but it seemed to be the only thing he could compare it to. The blond had crawled underneath his skin and curled in a tight ball around his heart.

So when two-thirty rolled around, he slipped from the school before even the last bell had rung and strode through the city, destination written on the back of his eyelids. The day was cool, over cast but he was wearing his jacket for work that made him look a little stuffy and then he didn’t need it for he was turning onto the block, heart leaping up to settle on the back of his tongue.


It was a little designer’s boutique, which shocked him as he didn’t see Ed as a fashion type, its displays reserved but eye catching none the less, the windows encased in dark wood, giving it an expensive feel even though this wasn’t a rich part of town. He liked it instantly. Feeling a little bit like a stalker but not caring enough to go find something else to do, he settled onto a bench across the street from the store and waited for the clock to strike four. As he sat, he loosened his tie and slipped out of the warm blazer, no longer feeling the cool air as he was now over come with nerves.

He still didn’t know what he had been thinking, letting himself be enthralled by this boy, allowing the fire to take over, seep into him. Yet he still sat watching that window, hoping for a glimpse of a long, glittering braid. The angle was bad and he could really only see the ghostly reflection of the street in the glass but it didn’t stop his eyes from trying to strain for something, just a hint, a flash, anything. And every five minutes he looked at his clock, hoping that this time would be when the little silver hand would be touching upon the four.

Yet when it finally came time to step into the large glass door, he was overcome with giant butterflies with wings made of golden acid, making him feel sick. The kid had told him where to come and what time but that was last night. And besides, he was just a kid! The blond couldn’t be more than eighteen and Roy was his senior by more than ten years. It was fine under the darkened lights of a dance club or even against a grungy wall but now it was about to become real. Shit, he wanted it to become real. But how could Edward feel about being with a man in his thirties? Very early thirties but thirties none the less. Roy had never been one for insecurities but now he was going to try and woo a gorgeous young man who was in a different stage of his life. How would the blond see him without the beat surging up through their shoes and the dim lights flashing around them in a sea of surging humanity?

Maybe he should have brought flowers.

Then he thought of those wide, golden eyes and the way it felt just to touch all that golden skin and he was squaring his shoulders and stepping into the store, taking a minute to let his eyes adjust to the dim lighting as a bell dinged over his head. A young man with a flop of dark hair pulled back into a small tail at the back of his neck and his dark eyes even more slanted than Roy’s own greeted him as he entered, smile bland and uninterested.

“Yes, I’m looking for Edward,” but then, he didn’t really need to ask because his eyes had been drawn to a long snaking rope of gold as the young blond organized a table of shirts, his back to the door and Roy. He didn’t notice the dark eyes still watching him light up with curiosity because he was stepping into the store, shoes making little clicking noises as his heels struck the polished wooden floors.

It was then, as he stopped behind the slender back clad in a dark shirt much like the one he’d worn the night before and watched the muscles slide behind the material that he realized he needn’t have worried. He remembered the look he saw in those golden eyes as he had been about to leave the starkly lit bathroom of a dark night club called Jewel and they had been pleading with him not to leave, to not let the real world come back into that little haven they had made amid the dull tiles and insistent beat. If he had his way, he would never turn his back on this young man again.

“Excuse me,” he started, watching the slim back stiffen in surprise, “I was wondering if you could help me,” and the smile he was greeted with was the kind that opened the last lock and set him free.


The day had been one of the shittiest he’d had in a long time. The customers were ruder than usual, one even chewing him out because they didn’t have the right size of a particular pair of pants anywhere in the store and why couldn’t Ed do anything about it? To which the blond had responded with a less than respectful “If you didn’t visit McDonalds every other day, you might not be having such difficulties…Sir,” That had gotten him chewed out by Winry, his cousin and his boss, who went by the old standby that the customer is always right. Even if they weren’t. Which in turn had resulted in a rather ugly screaming match that had Ling, the store’s other employee, practically peeling them apart as they were scaring people from the store. It was a love hate relationship and sometimes he wondered if there was any love in it at all. Plus, he was having a hard time looking at his dark haired co-worker and friend as it seemed he and Ed’s brother had decided to make whatever it was they had official.

Really, Ed didn’t really mind what Al did but he was his little brother and he knew how Ling was. Not that he really had much room to talk as he had hooked up with a complete stranger the night before. Speaking of which, it seemed that everywhere he turned, he kept catching glimpses of moon-pale skin and dark hair. It was maddening because he was sure that even though he had told the man last night where he worked, he highly doubted Roy would show up. What could a guy like that want with a mere kid like him? Clearly the older man was educated, had a good career. Ed had nothing. A dead end job with the only employer in the city that would hire him and that was because he was family and she felt bad for him.

And Ed hated that he wanted to see that older man again. Wanted it in such a way that by the end of his shift, he was sure he was going mad as every time he looked out the window in the front of the store he thought he saw a familiar man lounging on the bench across the street. By the time four o’clock rolled around, his feet hurt, his jaw ached from clenching his teeth and his was in such a foul mood, even Winry was giving him a wide berth.

He was taking his frustrations out on a table of shirts, employee’s id and dressing room keys swinging on the lanyard around his neck rather violently when the bell clanged in the front of the store. He growled to himself. The store closed at five on Mondays and usually they had their last customers stroll through at around three thirty. Really, all he wanted to do was go home and crash so he could obsess over the memory of black fire and smoldering slanted eyes. Ling greeted the newcomer in a soft, bored voice, which meant the guy was just as ready to leave as Ed was as Ling loved people and struck up a conversation whenever he could. Still seething at everything in general, he was still tearing through the pile of shirts when someone stopped behind him and addressed him in a voice so familiar, he almost fell over.

“Excuse me, I was wondering if you could help me,” Ed stiffened in shock, the velvety voice shooting straight through him and plunging deep, striking against his heart, where it was suddenly trying to escape through the roof of his mouth. Unable to kill the smile plastering itself all over his features, he turned to find Roy standing behind him, dark eyes glittering with a soft smile hiding in his bottomless eyes. He was in a nice dress shirt and pants, a dark tie hanging loose around his neck and a jacket folded over one arm. He was neat, put together and drop dead gorgeous and the blond hoped the look in the beautiful eyes made of night was just for him. He had to scramble to find his words again.

“Yes, what can I do for you, sir?” he kept his voice bland, as if he was talking to just another customer and the dark eyes laughed down at him, a pleased smirk curling at the corners of the mouth he knew tasted of delicious fire. Roy was amused he was playing along and he had a feeling his eyes were mirroring the older man’s laughter caught in his chest.

“I was wondering if you could help me find someone. I met him last night and haven’t been able to stop thinking about him,” Ed flushed at this, smile widening to a grin but he wasn’t about to be outdone.

“Oh, really. What does he look like?” and he was sure the older man would give in but the dark eyes still glittered in restrained mirth.

“Well, he has the biggest damn eyes I’ve ever seen; like a girl’s,” to which Ed growled, knowing the man was just teasing him, “And blond hair down his back, normally kept in a braid. Actually, he looks a lot like you,” again Ed’s heart jumped, a pleasant warmth spreading through him that banished the pain of his aching feet and the headache that was throbbing at the edges of his consciousness, waiting to explode into a full blown migraine.

“I see. Well, let me know if you find him,” and sucked in a breath when a large, pale hand caught his chin and forced him to look into dark, dark eyes that threatened to sear him straight to his soul.

“I already found him. He’s standing right in front of me,” and Ed was even able to ignore the raging heat that collected over his cheekbones and nose because he was free, blessedly so, soaring so high, the only thing that could ground him was the weight of the black fire burning deep inside of him. Then Roy let him go, took a step back, dark eyes sweeping around the store briefly as if he was trying to escape what he found in the blonde’s gaze, “Don’t you get off at four?” he was asking and Ed blinked at his brain scrambled to catch up.

“Oh, yeah,” then turned towards the office in the back of the store and bellowed, “WINRY!! I’M LEAVING!!!!” yanking the lanyard over his neck and catching the dark eyebrows raise in shocked amusement. He just shrugged and was nearly brained by a stapler that came flying from the office. Ed whirled, hold his head, “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR, YOU BITCH!?” he screamed at the blond woman in the office doorway, who was regarding him with her hands on her hips and an unimpressed expression on her face.

“I’m deducting your pay again if you’re late tomorrow,” she informed him before grinning wolfishly and adding, “Shorty,” to which his temper ignited and he was sending his id sailing at her head as he raged.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHEN HE SHOWS UP ON TIME FOR WORK!?!” it was the deep laugh behind him that had him once again whirling and pinning his volatile glare on the dark haired man who was watching the whole thing with interest. “What?” he snarled and a pale hand tugged on the end of his braid, effectively becoming the extinguisher for the fire of his temper.

“Nothing. Come on, I’ll take you out for dinner,” the man’s eye sparkled with amusement and Ed flushed again, feeling foolish as he followed the taller man to the door.

“What, like a date?” he asked as he waved to Ling who was watching, fascinated, from the corner at the front of the store, a small smile on his lips. Roy laughed at the question, the sound clear in the crisp air as they stepped from the store. The slanted eyes regarded him with an expression he wanted to see every day for the rest of his life and he accepted the other man’s hand when it was offered, wrapping his own long fingers through the paler, stronger ones. The dark haired man smiled at him, the expression beautiful and he wondered once again what he had done to deserve this, to make this man, who was perfect in every single way, want him, Edward, who was just another kid. Whatever it was, he was glad.

“Yeah, like a date. I know it’s a little backwards but I would rather we weren’t strangers anymore,” the man answered and Ed turned his head away to hide his pleased smile, fingers tightening on Roy’s hand.

“We aren’t strangers,” Ed answered quietly because it was true. They walked in silence for a moment, just lost in each other’s touch, the simple connection of palms and finger tips then Roy spoke up again, “So, I noticed you’re sensitive about your height,” to which he was rewarded with an arm in his stomach. Ed was grinning, though, because he was stupidly, insanely happy. He hoped, with time, this moment would become just one of endless moments, stills in time, time in which he would always know this man’s dark gaze and gentle touch and beautiful, breathtaking smile.

The end


Thanks for pointing this out so I didn't have to.
well, thank you for commenting. I know now that the sex scene is impossible and I'm sorry if it ruined it for you. At the time, I really hadn't been writing yaoi for very long and you are right. It probably should have not included penetration. I didn't read over it before I posted it here, which I see I really should have. Now that you have brought this to my attention, I actually may just go back and fix it. Im rather ashamed of it now, really. Again, you are very right and I'm sorry if it bothered you. Thanks
Don't be ashamed. Just add lube in somehow.
*dies* ahahaha will do. The random tube of lube, to the rescue!
I don't even know who these characters are but I'm now a huge fan. This story was incredibly awesome. I LOVE how you interwove the thoughts of each of them and how they were just blown away by the other. Thanks so much for sharing this!