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Jewel (part 2)

Title: Jewel
Author: nimrodel_13
Rating: NC-17 (Bathroom sex...against a wall...)
Pairing: RoyxEd
Word Count:
Summary: It's not the colorful, flashing lights or the pounding beat of the music or even the crush of bodies upon the dance floor. It's just them and the heat and they way their eyes meet for the first time...

part 1

...When lips found his skin, tasting the column of his neck, he had been completely powerless to do very much but cling and moan. He tipped his head back, giving the man as much room as possible and tried not to think that this was the first time he had ever done something like this. There had never been anyone that had ignited a fire bright enough to consume him from the inside out before he had met this man. Fuck, Ed didn’t even know this guy’s name! Even so, when their hips rocked together once again, bringing him back to the brink of the dark cliffs over the thundering ocean of black fire, he wanted so much more.

The dark fires were spreading, spurred on by the thick pulse that moved even the walls around them with its deep voice. It was those fires that stole his breath, leaving him stranded, without enough air so he was sure he’d pass out with the darkness that was pressing all around him. Warm lips caressed his skin, adding fuel to the encroaching flames, finding spots that sent the heat down, ever downwards. If he had thought his pants had been tight before, that was nothing to what they were now, like a vise, suffocating him. The friction of their hips grinding together, his trapped length brutally assaulted by the other man’s erection, knocked each precarious breath from his lungs before he could even drag it in. Lips found his ear, stirring the hair there and he was nearly dragged under by the need in the older man’s voice.

“God. Oh, God,” he breathed against the shell of Ed’s ear and it was the sexiest sound he’d ever heard, making him twitch and start to leak against the unforgiving confines of his pants, “I can’t hold back anymore,” The words themselves only begged for the obvious end, the reason why they had come in here and locked the door. But the tone in the rich voice had him pulling back and glancing up, desire thick in the back of his throat until he was sure he’d choke.

What he found smoldering in the dark eyes nearly swept him away, rip tide clawing at his ankles, begging for him to give in, to follow. Somehow, he found his own voice amid the overwhelming wave towering over him

“Then don’t,”


Roy had only been able to stare at the teen, whose wide eyes were half lidded and cloudy but no less bright for it as he was given permission in that husky voice to continue this thing, to see it through to the very end. Then he was stumbling back due to a shove on his shoulders as it seemed the kid wasn’t very patient. Slender fingers reached down once again to free the sliver button from the leather, dragging the tab of the zipper over the obvious need straining against the unforgiving material of the leather pants. The dark boxers underneath, peeking through the open gap of the zipper were a deep red and as the hands worked the pants down the slender hips, he could see the wet spot where the kid had already begun to leak spreading over the dark material. The sight of it spurred him into action once more.

The damn jeans that had already been too tight to begin with were excruciating now and as he fought with his belt, his own hands shook. Somehow he managed to undo the zipper and push the denim aside so he could finally pull himself free of the suffocating confines of the pants. When he finally looked back up, the blond had just kicked one of his boots off, the clunky shoe sliding halfway across the bathroom floor before it came to a halt and he was jerking his left leg from the leather pants, long golden waves barely hiding the dusky flush that had worked its way over his cheekbones and the bridge of his sharp, narrow nose.

The blond straightened when his leg was free, long and surprisingly well muscled, bright eyes darkening as he took Roy in. One stride and he had the smaller body pressed back up against the wall, their erections sliding together in a way that had him breathless. He reached around and hitched the bare leg up around his waist, forcing the kid to use his shoulders for support as he slid up the wall. Dark eyes watched the kid’s features, looking for any kind of hesitation. There was none, just naked longing as he lifted his other leg and locked his ankles at Roy’s back so he was now the taller, leaning over the other man as he lined the boy up carefully. He was throbbing, his cock aching to be buried inside of this kid’s burning, golden heat but he had enough sense to hold back. His self control, however, wasn’t going to last very long.

“Are you ready?” he asked and received a nod in reply, wide eyes shuttered behind thick rows of golden eyelashes. Still he hesitated, watching how the boy’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed thickly, “Hold on a second," that got him a low growl, a flash of gold eyes from under drawn eyebrows. Still, he would rather the sharp impatience now than hurting the younger man. He reached out, balancing his weight so the blond didn't fall and pressed the bar of the closest soap dispenser and couple times, getting a handful of sticky liquid. It wasn't the most ideal but it was better than nothing so he rubbed it over his fingers until they shone. The younger man huffed a bit, saying something that sounded a lot like a thank you and he tried to make his smile reassuring as he slipped his hand under the blond, running his slicked fingers over his crack.

"It smells like flowers..." the kid muttered, disgruntled, and Roy had to laugh, easing the tension that he hadn't noticed buzzing between them just a bit. Then he pressed the pad of one slick fingers against the furled, waiting hole and the blonde's breath hitch, prefect white teeth biting into his red bottom lip. It was endearing, in some way, to watch the way he tried to remain still and quiet, forcing himself to relax when it was clear he was uncomfortable. So Roy leaned forward and coaxed that plump bottom lip free of the worrying teeth, using his mouth and tongue to distract the boy from the fingers slowly working him open.

He was hot and impossibly tight, the slippery soap easing the way and making it a little bit easier for the blond. As much as he needed this, needed to be inside, moving, taking, giving, he took his time because it would only make the experience painful if he didn't give the boy all the care that he needed. Though the older man had never been with another guy before, he knew the dynamics well enough and had no wish to hurt this beautiful, incredible person. By the time he had all three fingers inside the younger man, thrusting and stretching, the blond had his head thrown back against the wall and was groaning loud enough that the sound echoed off the tiled walls. It was this, more than anything else so far, that broke the rest of his control.

"Hang on," he whispered against the neat curl of the boy's ear, pausing long enough to slick his own cock with more of the handy, slippery soap before he was sliding in, smooth and slow and so, so good...


Ed was sure he was going to fly right out of his skin when he saw the older man standing just a few steps away, thick erection freed from the dark pants, already flushed a deep red and he wanted it so bad, he was nearly faint with it.

And finally, when it no longer hurt to have three fingers filling him, when it felt amazing, the older man pushed inside and it was incredible.

It burned a little, like he knew it would but the dark haired man had been almost obsessively thorough, so that when his cock slowly penetrated the blond, so big, so hot, it was not nearly as bad as it could have been. “Oh fuck,” was breathed into his ear and  the expression on the other man’s face, dark eyebrows drawn back, bliss written in the tight line of his  mouth and the faint lines at the corners of his eyes made a pleasant swirl of pleasure to curl up the younger man's spine. He wanted more, wanted it all, wanted to drink this man in until the lines that defined who they were became so blurred it would be impossible to tell who was who. The thick erection throbbed inside of him, the heat steady and wonderful and he whimpered because it just wasn't enough.

“Are you alright?” the dark eyes were watching him now and the hands holding his legs up vibrated with the effort of holding back, “If I hurt you...” a flash of annoyance washed through him then making him clench down on the older man, who practically gurgled in response.

"It doesn't hurt..." he manged, voice tight,"please, I just want you to move..."


The permission murmured into his ear all it took. As soon as he had been submerged in all that tight heat, he was sure it would be all over as soon as it began. Gold surged through his veins, swallowing him whole, redefining him until he was sure he couldn’t live without having that color blasting through his veins. Slowly, carefully, as if the blond was made of glass, he rocked back and sank forward again, sliding deep into the hot passageway. So good, so tight it was blinding, so that he couldn’t see, couldn’t hear. He needed the friction so bad, feel the boy clenching down on him, drawing him deeper, ever deeper. One thrust and another. Each time he snapped his hips, he did so with a little more strength, reveling in the feel of the yellow fire wrapping around him, incinerating him. On the third thrust, the kid jerked, shuddered and threw his head back to slam against the wall.

“Holy SHIT!” titles rattled with the force of his exclamation and for a second Roy thought he had hurt the blond. When he voiced his concern, the glazed yellow gaze found his own, full lips twisting as he panted.

“So good!” the boy gasped, squirming slightly before his eyes rolled back into his skull, “oh, please, more...” reassured, Roy did as he was told and slammed his hips up, nearly pushed over by the strangled groans and screams falling past the plump lips. Then he was lost to the pit of white, fiery pleasure hovering at the back of his vision, waiting to break.


It was bright, burning, agonizing, every strike, every plunge and he sunk down to meet each one, fire racing up his spine as the blunt tip crashed into that spot deep within him. The soap had eased the way was now mingling with hotter, stickier pre cum, the perfect slide if the older man's cock inside of him sending curls of bliss through his shaking limbs. Black flames licked at the edges of his consciousness, dragged closer and closer to that beautiful brink. Sounds he didn’t know he could even make were being torn from his throat, dripping to the floor as he slid up the wall with every snap of the other man’s hips.

Now everything was tightening, the fire flaring brighter, littering with glittering stars, the coiling heat becoming unbearable. Ed hunched over the bigger man, long golden hair trailing over his face and mingling with the shorter, ebony strands. Then he couldn’t hold back anymore, the raging beast within him threatening to burst free and he could only cling to the broader shoulders, aware of nothing but the agony of black fire pulsing through him.

He stood at the edge of the dark shore and watched the wave rush towards him, the roar deafening, ready to sweep him away in his final release.


Somehow, the rhythm of their hips had sped up just enough to match the pulse still beating through the walls, beating against the grungy tiles so that it had become another sort of dance, darker, more primal. Roy was deaf to anything but the roaring in his ears and the cries of the blond pressed against him. They were both close, the blond clamping down on him harder with every movement, leaking between them. It was euphoria he found in the golden features; in the bright eyebrows drawn back tightly, the way the full mouth had fallen open, baring white teeth and he drank in every breath, every sound, the searing color of gold bright at the sides of his vision. The blond tossed his head then, golden waves like spun metal against the dirty walls as he arched into the bigger man.

“Shit! I—I can’t…oh, fuck…I’m...” viciously biting back his own release, Roy watched the narrow nose scrunch as the boy tried to hold back, slender hands tight in his dark hair.

“Come for me,” he whispered and the boy did...


 part 3

Tags: edward elric, fanfiction, roy mustang, the jewel, yaoi
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