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January 2012

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roy ed kiss

Jewel (part 1)

Title: Jewel
Author: nimrodel_13
Rating: NC-17 (Bathroom sex...against a wall...)
Pairing: RoyxEd
Word Count:
Summary: It's not the colorful, flashing lights or the pounding beat of the music or even the crush of bodies upon the dance floor. It's just them and the heat and they way their eyes meet for the first time...


Inspired by the song “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven






Pounding. Throbbing. Pulsing. A wild beat threading through his veins like a narcotic, making him feel giddy and unable to focus. Not that he wanted to focus. All he wanted was his space on the dark dance floor, amid the undulating crush of bodies that were sweaty and rocked with his own. Bright colored lights, turquoise, goldenrod, jade flashed wavy impressions behind his shuttered eyelids. Heat encased him, dampened his russet hued skin, darkened the wheat colored hair at the nape of his neck while the long braid whipped about behind him, adding its own line and expression to the dance. An elbow would catch him every once and a while, usually accompanied by a barely audible “sorry!” or a girl’s sweet smelling hair brushed over his skin.

All of it, every single touch, scent, and flashing light added to the aching, fascinating feel for the need to move as it tore through his body.


It crashed over him like a wave, the unbelievable sound. The sheer weight of hit pressed in upon him so that he was barely able to breathe, to think, distancing reality until the beat was the foremost thing in his mind, bashing against the inside of his skull like some beast that had been caged. The terrible force of the volume danced along his pale skin, burrowing under it until he was able to close his eyes and be nothing but the music. The crush of people didn’t matter, the swinging, jeweled lights or that he hated crowds.

It was nothing to him because his body had disappeared, leaving him in thrall of the beat.


Really, Ed had hated the idea of coming to a dance club. The thought of all those people crammed together in such a small space, many of them with just a little too much alcohol working through their systems, sweating and bumping into him and generally making him uncomfortable. No, the idea had been less then appealing and he had tried telling his brother and his best friend exactly that when they literally dragged him from the apartment they all shared and away from the book he had been very happily reading, chiding gently.

“You only turn nineteen once, brother. It’ll be fun!” Yeah, easy for him to say as Al actually liked people and crowds and was all for trying new things. Ed would have been much more comfortable ensconced on his couch, reading an already well-loved book. But his brother and their friend, a dark haired boy with an impish grin named Ling had dressed him up and dragged him out, ignoring his protests.

Then he had stepped foot into the club.

His birthday had been two months ago and now every Sunday, he, Al and Ling threw on their tighter jeans and t-shirts before heading out to dance.

And he loved it.

Every moment he moved and dipped and stepped in time with the steady beat as it throbbed through the floorboards, he felt like he was flying, free, with nothing more to worry about than the next song the DJ would play. It was liberating, letting him forget, not remember, to just be another teenager whose name happened to be Edward.


It was actually a lost bet that had the dark haired high school English teacher come to be standing inside the doorway of the most popular dance club in the city, Jewel.

His department had bet against him on a baseball game, of all things and unsurprisingly enough he had lost. Somehow, he should have known not to bet against the Yankees as the team had the best record in their division but he had taken the bet anyway. Little did he know at the time what the terms of the bet would be. His co-workers Jean Havoc and Riza Hawkeye along with his best friend (although that was a bit debatable now) Maes Hughes had dressed him in the tightest, most form fitting clothes he owned and practically dragged him by his hair to this club. Roy was a teacher. He didn’t do form fitting or dance clubs.

The entire ride he had bitched about the tight, dark blue jeans Riza had dug up out of his closet that he hadn’t even known he owned and the even tighter black T-shirt he knows he had never seen before that day that felt like it outlined everything. He felt exposed and uncomfortable and he had let them know it. They had just ignored him, and by the time they were walking to the club, he had turned sullen. Not that anyone cared. Well, fine. It was a good opportunity to get drunk, at any rate.

Only the club was not what he had been expecting.

Sure it was crowded. Sure it smelled strongly of sweat and all different perfumes and colognes mixing and blending together. But it smelt of something else too that caught him off guard and made his blood burn just a little hotter.

Then there was the music. Every thump of the bass ripped through him like some raging storm, the steady strobes rendering the churning mass of bodies grinding on the dance floor almost fey, alien. It was exciting and as he stood watching at the railing that over looked the floor, he could feel the tug of the movement, the sound, the primal need to just dance rising within him.


They came to the Jewel because it catered to everyone; whoever you picked as your dance partner that was perfectly fine. Ed himself didn’t really have a preference. He would actually rather just dance alone as he was now but because of his fascinating, fiery looks, he was never without a partner for very long. His long braid that brushed the top of his thighs when he moved was his main draw, men and women alike. That wasn’t why he kept his hair long but it was defiantly one of the unintended results. The thing was, he was shorter than most of the men so he tended to have more male partners than female. Either way was fine. Just the feel of another body pressed to his, moving with him as he wove to the music, hard or softer made the blood pound just a little harder in his veins. There was one boy, who looked to be about his own age that came to dance with him every time, usually for a good three or four dances, until someone else cut in. Every time this boy, with his long black hair and violet eyes would ask for his name and number. At first Ed had been flattered, as he was really an extremely good looking guy but he had caught a glint of maliciousness in the unusual gaze and every time he declined. He wasn’t looking for anyone beyond a good dance partner anyway.

Speaking of dance partners, he had come that night with his brother and his friend but he hadn’t seen them since they got there. Gold eyes caught the rapidly shifting lights as he hunted for a tall, blond haired boy who was never really hard to find. Ah, right there, past the girl whose hair looked bright red when the lights touched upon it, tangled with…Oh, was that Ling? Ed blinked in surprise as he watched his younger brother and best friend grind so close to one another, it was a little hard to tell where one ended and the other began. What was even more surprising was, from what he could tell in the uneven darkness, both Al and Ling looked perfectly happy to stay like that all night.

Well, that was a bit of a shock. He turned his eyes away, feeling like he was intruding so he could digest what he’d seen but was interrupted when a hand snaked around his waist and he was being drawn against a hard, familiar body.

“You look lonely tonight,” the raven haired boy shouted into his ear, hips pressed against the blonde’s back who just smiled and let himself fall back into the song, letting nothing interfere because this was one night a week he could unravel and just be Ed. It didn’t matter whose hand gripped his waist or whose breath heated the back of his neck. He didn’t come here for anyone else. He came here for himself.


Roy had sat at the bar for a while, nursing a glass of whisky and just contenting himself to watching. Jean and Riza were already out dancing; he could see them, the tall blond man with this little petite thing with long, long curly black hair and Riza was plastered up against another woman he couldn’t see very well from his place at the bar. Seeing that had his already ridiculously tight pants constrict even more and he had to whip his eyes back to his drink as he knew thinking of his co-worker that way would be inappropriate. He was taking a small sip of the amber liquid in his glass when his dark haired friend nudged him with an elbow.

“This isn’t so bad, right?” Hughes had to shout over the blaring music to be heard and Roy just shrugged, unwilling to admit how much he wanted to be one of those people out there, losing himself in the thick thumping bass. Another swig of his drink that burned a comfortable trail down his throat and into his stomach as his eyes once again got lost in the maddening chaos of the floor. Hughes was nudging him again.

“You see anyone you want to dance with?” and Roy just glowered at the other man. His friend knew very well he didn’t like to dance. It wasn’t that he couldn’t dance; the dark haired teacher was actually a very good dancer. He was just uncomfortable doing it in front of so many people. Actually, since coming here, he had already turned down nearly ten women and even a couple guys, all who had eyed him appreciatively, hoping they would be the one he picked. None of them were. Roy was just about to yell at Hughes for being an idiot when he saw him.

All of the air whooshed right out of his lungs upon seeing this golden haired…god.

The boy, for that was what he looked like to Roy but he couldn’t have been younger than eighteen as that’s the youngest they let into this club, looked as if he had been spun out of the finest, richest afternoon sunlight. A glittering braid wove behind him as he moved, long and sinuous and every time one of the brighter lights hit his skin, he glowed. Even the colored lamps couldn’t take away that dusky quality to the tan skin. And, oh, how he moved. Every shift, dip, flexing step the boy took was breathtaking, his lithe body clad in dark leather pants and a black tank looking both powerful and sleek.

He was gorgeous, beautiful and Roy would do anything just to have one dance with him. Then the young man lifted his head from the embrace of another long haired youth whose movements were broader, trying to over power, contain the slender beauty he was dancing with and Roy was caught.

The blonde’s eyes, even half-way across the ill-lit room blazed a shocking gold.


The feeling of being watched plucked him out of the choppy seas of the dance and he found himself glancing around the hall, looking for such an intense gaze. Ed was used to the feeling of people watching him. He got that wherever he went. Yet there was something different that night, something sharper about this gaze that made him do something he didn’t normally do. It was rude to look for someone else when you were dancing with a person already. At least, Ed thought it was rude. Not only that but the boy he was grinding with now was the best dancer he’d come across in a while and was his partner on a regular basis.

And yet, there was just something about this gaze.

The blond was just about to give up as it really was impossible to see anything in the crush of people and the dark haired boy had changed their positions so that Ed was straddling his leg, hips held in place by an arm made of iron. Then a bright yellow light had fallen upon the bar just right and he found the owner of the gaze.

For a second, he almost stopped dancing.

Dark, slanted eyes stared at him from a strong face that was devastating enough to give him weak knees, though he had never really been partial to men before. A fall of ebony hair fell to shadow those smoldering eyes, just a bit too long but that just made it sexier. Their gazes couldn’t have held for more than a few seconds before he chin was being caught and turned so he was forced to look into violet eyes that were slightly pinched at the corners. The blond swallowed thickly, feeling as if he had just stuck his hand into an electrical socket and dropped his eyes, trying to get back into the dance.

It wasn’t two minutes before his eyes were hunting for a pair of dark, almond shaped ones, mouth dry and the music suddenly not important anymore. Lights flickered and everyone danced on, oblivious to his turmoil. Nothing had ever been more important than the music and the dancing before. But now…


Ed did pause this time, much to his partner’s annoyance but he didn’t even hear what the boy flung at him, lip curling angrily before he stalked off. The man with the dark hair and even darker eyes was pushing his way through the crowd towards the blond. He noticed the way the people looked at the man as he passed but he noticed even more how this beautiful, no stunning, stranger had not once taken his eyes off Ed, who now stood out like a rock amid a swirling current. His heart was trying to climb out of his throat as he drew closer and closer and…fuck, this guy was gorgeous. The shirt he wore showed off every dip of every muscle and the pants were tight enough he could see the definition in the thighs of the long legs.

Then the man was standing in front of him and he had forgotten how his lungs were supposed to work. There just wasn’t enough air. They stared at each other for a long moment, feeling like eternity as Ed felt that he could just stare at this man and never get tired of it. Finally, the older man held out his hand, a clear invitation.

“Do you want to dance?” he didn’t even need to yell; his smooth deep voice cut through the heavy beat neatly, leaving the blond weak-kneed. With a shy nod and a half of a smile as he couldn’t seem to remember what he did with his box of expressions, he accepted, taking the man’s large, strong hand.


As soon as his hand met the blonde’s he knew he was lost. The touch just about knocked him flat as it fizzed through his system like some firefly on a caffeine high and the boy had smiled shyly, golden eyes blazing through the dark haze of the club air like two miniature suns. All that gold and on top of it, the kid was extremely good looking, with slightly too delicate features and eyes so wide, Roy was in danger of falling into them and drowning in unsaturated color. Shakily, as if afraid that if he made sudden movements, the kid would shy away like some exotic horse, he pulled the blond in.

Roy felt like a veil had dropped over everything else because the only thing he could clearly focus on was this beautiful creature whose impossible eyes hadn’t once left his face. That gaze had him caught, snared, unable to look away until he was sure his very blood was beginning to run a buttery yellow rather than a deep crimson. So enthralled was he that he didn’t even realize the young man was smiling again until he was stepping closer, into Roy’s space but being careful to not actually touch the older man.

“I thought you wanted to dance!” the kid yelled, full lips quirking in amusement and the dark haired man started then flushed. To hide it, he gave a smile of his own, the cocky one he used in the classroom that threw his students off an argument. The gold eyes followed it, became shadowed before they came back to his own gaze, burning hotter than before.

“I did!” They didn’t touch at first. It was enough that the teen kept those miraculous eyes locked on him as the music once again took hold, seeping through him, into him, joining the burning color of sunshine as it flowed through his veins. It was the music and the boy that made him forget he didn’t like dancing in front of other people. For some reason, it didn’t feel as if he was. Instead he was being set free, the throbbing beat and astonishing color of gold his key.


Ed had never known the color black to be so enchanting but every time the colored strobes flickered over them and lit up the dark haired stranger’s handsome face, they were like two gems that were a color so deep they could have been made of chips from the night sky. He tried to concentrate on just the music but that commanding gaze held his own and his body took over, commanding him to move as he didn’t seem to have the cognitive facilities to do so voluntarily.

Oh, and the man could fucking dance.

As soon at the stranger began to move, rocking his hips expertly, the blonde’s mouth had gone dry. Never had he ever seen anyone dance quite like this man. Every movement was used, nothing wasted, every dip of his trim hips powerful, graceful until Ed felt clumsy next to him. The dark haired man didn’t seem to notice, though. Those eyes remained on the teen, drinking in every single movement he made and it was igniting a flood of heat that was surging through him, making it hard to breathe. It felt as though he was trying to breathe in black fire, the source smoldering quietly in the pit of his stomach.

The pair danced in their own little space, ignored by everyone else, ignoring them. They started facing one another, watching, circling, dipping and flowing with every new surge of the speakers. The dark haired man liked to keep to his own space, not encroaching in on Ed’s. It wasn’t unheard of for people to dance together without really touching. Every once and a while someone would jostle Ed and he’d be forced to step forward or to the side, leather pant leg brushing against the older man’s jeans or a pale arm rubbing against his shoulder. Each touch sizzled through him, becoming more fuel to that fire made of ebony flames until he grabbed the man’s hand and spun them around so Ed had his back to the bigger man’s front.

Then they touched.

One hand fell to his slender waist and at first it stayed like that, innocent, just dancing. But he knew better. He knew they both wanted more; they both wanted to be grinding so close to one another, every time he breathed he could taste the other man’s sweat and feel that fire consume him. It was the hand that begun it. It was like being given a tiny sip of the coolest, most refreshing water when you hadn’t drunk anything in your entire life.

Ed backed up, heat and desire flaring. His thighs were now rubbing the other man’s and he could feel the strong, flexing muscles every time they took the brunt of the stranger’s weight. A toned chest brushed against his back every time he leaned into the warmth behind him so he reached up both hands over his head and sunk his fingers into thick hair the color of shadows, dragging the man even closer.

And, yes…this was more like it. Now the warmth had become solid, flexing with him as he moved, rolled his hips, dropped slightly and those hands…Ed had to close his eyes against the flood of heat welling up inside of him because now both of the stranger’s hands were holding him tightly, an anchor on the tossing seas that consisted of wild, consuming music and a heady crush of human bodies, every one moving to the same uncontrollable beat. And all he could feel was this man who was the only reality he needed to know pressing along his back, holding Ed close like he was the most important thing in the entire world. Like he was the only person in the entire world.

Now the blond knew, this dark haired man whose name he didn’t even know and had just met a few minutes ago was going to become more than just another dance partner.


When the kid backed up into him, Roy realized the feeling of someone dancing while pressed against him was the most erotic feeling he’d ever experienced and had clutched the slim hips to his own, staring down at the top of the golden head as if to make sure this was real. He hadn’t even needed to adjust the sway of his hips. They just fit together, the blond head just reaching his shoulders and the slim hips pressing back into his upper thighs. The curve of the boy’s leather clad ass ground back into him every single time the blond dipped his hips, making the glaring flames roaring in his ears burn that much brighter, until he was sure nothing else existed.

A pair of slim hands worked their way into his hair that was already beginning to dampen, forcing him closer, oh so close so that he had to bow his head over the kid’s shoulder, breathing in a patch of golden skin that smelled salty and bright. Then he had no control over his own hands as they began to stray from the smooth black material clothing the working waist up over the flat abdomen where he could feel the muscles there sliding under the tawny skin. Over the boy’s stomach, his chest then he dropped one hand down so thick leather pressed smoothly against his palm, skimming around a strong thigh, over the jutting bone of one hip. The feel of this beautiful creature pressing into him and he was drowning in a sea of heat that was stripping him of everything that he was, melting his bones, his muscles, his skin. Roy was nothing without gold dripping into him as if it had become his life support.

The gold head dropped back against his chest as they fell into a shallow drop then again and he could see in the erratic lighting the thick, golden eyelashes had swept down to veil the astonishing gold gaze, full lips parted as the younger man breathed a little hard. The hands gripping his hair were tight and his pants were beginning to mirror them, every grind of his hips making him harder and harder.

Then his fingers brushed along the boy’s chest and he must have unintentionally touched a spot that had the blond arching into his touch then spinning around, long braid thumping Roy lightly in the chest as he did to crush himself up against the bigger man. The bright eyes were half-lidded and shadowed, the full mouth open as he straddled one of the older man’s thighs, desire thick in the swirling shades of buttery yellow. Blond bangs stuck to the damp forehead and they tickled Roy’s face as the boy pulled himself up using both the older man’s hair and shoulder so he could press their foreheads together.

By now he was so hard it was suffocating.

He was so aware of the blond young man it was a wonder he didn’t just sink into all that bright color. Hands were running over his back, sides, slender fingers sliding over the fabric of his shirt before they circled around, lower, lower. Roy clenched his teeth against the raging desire coursing through him, its path shooting straight down. The kid then dragged him even closer, both hands on the older man’s butt and, oh, he was hard too.

Now the heat had turned into pleasure, curling in slow loops in his belly, like tiny, fiery dragons. Every time they dropped to the music, obeying the beat their erections lined up and pressed together, making him want in ways he hadn’t even known were possible. They breathed each other’s air, hot, scorching, the blonde’s breath smelling of something sweet with faint traces of cinnamon as if the kid had eaten a slice of apple pie before he had come there that night. It reminded him of warm summer days and sunlight. He just wanted to dip into it, to taste it, to find out if the kid actually did taste like apple pie.

One particular roll of their hips, followed with a sharp dip resulted in a rather intense grind and now he couldn’t breathe as he watched the gold eyes shut, white teeth snagging a full bottom lip, eyebrows drawing down. Under the gold skin of the boy’s neck, the small bump of the Adam’s apple tightened, caught as if the kid was trying to bite back some kind of sound. The ache constrained by unforgiving denim became painful.

He was beautiful, everything, down to the shimmer of sweat over the tan skin and the way one piece of hair seemed to stick straight up into the air. Beautiful in a way that stopped his heart and seared him right down to his soul. Beautiful and he was in Roy’s arms, dancing with his whole heart for Roy and the dark haired man wasn’t sure now that he had caught this vision if he could ever let him go.


Ed, being already hard by the time he turned around in the older man’s arms, nearly gave into the unbearably bright coil at the pit of his stomach when his erection crashed against the other man’s. It was all he could do not to cry out. The dancing between them had become something more, so hot his very bones were made of the black fire trying to separate his skin from the rest of him.

So much for wanting nothing more than just someone to dance with.

It had become so much more that he barely heard the music. He was just conscious of the beat enough that he was able to keep up the flexing of his legs and rolling of his hips, though as tangled as he was with the taller man, that wouldn’t have been much of an issue. The strobes flickered mindlessly around them, their pattern changing as the song did and this one was a little faster, a bit wilder, forcing him to ride the thigh between his legs that much more. And he couldn’t drag the air into his lungs fast enough or cling to the strong shoulders hard enough. All the while he was falling into a pool of heat that threatened to swallow him whole.

Until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

He stopped dancing abruptly, grabbed the older man’s hand and started hauling him towards the back of the club. Anticipation fluttered through him, making the tips of his fingers tingle. When the stranger asked with confusion in his dark eyes where they were going, Ed just shouted over the sheer mass of sound,

“The bathroom!” He had no idea what made him think this gorgeous stranger whose name he didn’t even know would go along with it but he shoved his way through the crush of people anyway, oblivious in their own need to fall into the music. Yet he had seen something, deep in the eyes made from twin chips of night sky, something that told him the man would not reject him.

Need crashed through him so violently, he was barely even aware of the music everyone was so enthralled with. The beat had become the nervous pulse of his pounding heart beat, loud in his own ears so that he was unaware of anything but the wrist his was anchored to and the black fire crawling, licking slowly up his spine, leaving him with no doubts. It edged the back of his vision, the engraved plastic of the men’s sign glaring at him. He had come here that night expecting no more than he had all the other times he’d come but now…now he couldn’t get the feeling of how it felt to have those dark eyes follow his every movement, burn into his skin until he was about to become the flames, rather than be swallowed by them.

This he needed. This man, for this moment in time, belonged to him. So he swallowed his nerves and kept his grip on the pale wrist hoping that the man would not pull away.


Roy nearly had heart failure when the blond had stopped dancing, the suddenly lack of movement nearly throwing the older man off balance. For a moment he had the shattering impression he had done something wrong. Yet when the slender hand had closed about his wrist, yanking him across the dark dance floor, he was just confused. When he voiced it, a blazing glance caught in a roving light scathed through him as the kid answered. The bathroom. Realization crashed down on him like a thousand very large cinderblocks raining from the sky, leaving him reeling.

There was only one reason the kid would be towing him to the bathroom.

Just like that the fire was back, burning twice as brightly as before and his vision narrowed so that the only thing he could see was that long, glittering braid that swayed as the blond walked. It shone like a beacon through the dark haze of the club, catching him and pulling him along as he would have been blind without its golden light.

The sudden light of the men’s room was stark and too-bright after the gloom of the club as the blond shoved the door open and tossed the older man in. Even here the thumping, over powering beat that had saturated the dance floor rattled through the walls and tiled floors until he could feel it through the soles of his shoes.

Roy blinked, trying to gather his thoughts that seemed to have turned tail and scattered to the farthest sands, inaccessible and beyond his reach. The boy flicked the lock on the bathroom door before the older man was caught up in blazing color unlike any he had ever seen before. Long, expressive fingers flicked the dark tie from the end of the blond hair, starting to unravel the golden waves as the kid watched him shyly, bright eyes smoldering, “The door’s locked so if we’re fast, no one should bother us,” He stared, taking in the tie circling a slender wrist and how with his hair down, the kid’s sharp features were softened, lending him a slightly more approachable air. Then the words sunk through Roy’s cranium and he swallowed hard.

Never before had he ever had sex with someone on the first date, let alone with a complete stranger whose name he didn’t even know in a public bathroom. He wondered if it made it worse that he wasn’t even thinking of hesitating. Then those long fingers were reaching down, touching upon the first button shining against the dark leather, a question and a fear of denial in the bright eyes.

Roy snapped.

He strode forward, slamming the smaller male into the wall and ignored the kid’s slight look of alarm in the wide eyes as he crushed the slender body against the grimy tiles, towering over him. The boy stared up at him, the startled look changing quickly to a familiar, seething desire. Then Roy had to taste, to see what flavor the golden skin had. He wouldn’t kiss the boy, not yet, but he needed something so he dipped his head and pressed his lips to the tawny neck, grinding the boy into the wall as he did.

It was like salty beaches under an unforgiving sun as he moved his lips over the dips and groves of the slender neck, gathering the golden, salty taste on his tongue. The blond could only hold onto his shoulder and pant in his ear, head tipped back to the ceiling. When his teeth grazed over the sharp clavicle bone, a thread of a breathy moan fell against his ear and their hips rocked together, beginning the spiraling fall that had an eventual, devastating end.

All he could think was, this is happening, right here and he had never wanted something so bad before in his entire life.



Not fair! Not fair!

You are NOT allowed to cut off...where you cut off without having Part 2 primed and ready.

In other words - Good job. Want more. NOW.

Wow, this is raw and wonderful.

Please post the rest soon, 'K?!

Actually she does XD the whole thing is on ff.net :D
XD Thanks very much!! I'm happy that you liked it! The next part is going to be posted very very soon so never fear! Yes, I am on ff.net but as I am trying to cut ties with that rather...unfortunate site, I'm hoping to post everything here. I promise a speedy update!

Thanks again!
TEASE! Oh, so not fair!
Great story so far, I quite enjoyed your other fics too... Now...more!!
*salutes* right away, ma'am! hahaha, I'm glad you like it so much and the next part is going to be posted sometime in the next couple hours! Thanks again!
As awesome and deliciously erotic as the ending is, I have to ask what the first two chapters have to do with anything. They don't seem to fit. Those two chapters describe someone dancing, Ed for sure, probably Roy too, but nobody's gotten to the dance club yet. The rest of the fic flows great; it's just this odd bit at the beginning that threw me. I look forward to part 2! :D
oh, well, the first to little parts were meant as a teaser, just a quick opening to start off the story. I guess they don't really fit but I hate opening stories with back stories right off the bat. It begins with them at the dance club already and then does a little background, I guess. I do apologize if it doesn't make much sense. Like I said in the authors note, it's an older fic and probably needs a good scouring by a beta (which I unfortunately don't have *cries*)
but, thanks for commenting, I shall have the next part out sometime tonight.
it was JUST posted! XD and thank you!
I finally got around to reading your latest posts, but by the time Roy appeared, I was all, "Wait, I've read this before!" It's been over a year, but this one stuck in my mind (definitely an accomplishment for a Roy/Ed on FF.net).

In summary, I'm saying this was awesome.